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Sustainable cuisine

The cardinal principles

Our work philosophy is guided by key concepts that guide us in all our choices.

The choice of suppliers

A reversed approach

At Kosmo we operate according to an innovative principle, which overturns the relationship that traditionally binds the kitchen to the producers.

It is usually the chef who requests specific ingredients from growers and ranchers. With us it is the exact opposite. The chef requests the produce based on the proposals of the trusted producers, buying the best, seasonal, fresh ingredients, and then elaborates his own recipes.

Our suppliers are local mountain farmers, who feed their livestock naturally.

Their choices reflect our approach and fit in with the path we have decided to undertake.

The choice of raw materials

Only mountain products

We made the choice to focus only on mountain raw materials. Products that tell the story of the high-altitude territories, where the climate allows the harvest of few ingredients.

Some essential products such as olive oil are not accessible, therefore, the preparations are adapted to what is available, making tastes vary.

The conservation of raw materials is necessary with natural techniques such as fermentation, which allows us to manage the long winter seasons and the limited availability of the resources.

Use of raw materials

No Waste

Our pledge is to minimize waste.

The concept of “waste” disappears, since every food, in all its parts, is considered noble and healthy.

Waste is reduced to a minimum, since each fruit, each vegetable, each cut of meat represents excellence in terms of nutrition, taste and organoleptic.

All parts of the ingredients are used: such as, the skin of the fish which are made into chips, the tail and bones of the trout which are used to make broths, and cores and hard seeds that are pulverized to season sauces and cocktails.

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